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Recommended: Podcasts That Scare

The time for Halloween, October is here. The month of witches, specters, and fear. But don’t visit a haunted house for such thrills. Instead listen to some podcasts full of chills. They aren’t the usual talk shows that bore, but ones with frights and a little gore. So grab that phone to find them well, then get ready to scream and yell.


Archive 81

A found-footage horror series full of Lovecraftian elements, Archive 81 follows Dan Powell as he begins his new job as an archivist for a mysterious company. Surrounded by a collection of otherworldly recordings, he begins to uncover dark secrets that should have been left alone. While sometimes intense and a little visceral, Archive 81 can be surprisingly light hearted and comedic. Definitely worth a listen.


The White Vault

Reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing, this podcast follows a team sent to a remote Arctic research station to repair damaged equipment. As a blizzard traps them, they quickly discover a strange tunnel system and the horrors that await beneath the ice. The story is told through recordings and notes left by each crew member, soon unraveling into a gripping tale. If you’re looking for a spine chilling story, this is the one.


Liberty: Tales From the Tower

A horror anthology set in the universe of Liberty, Tales From the Tower will give you goosebumps. Each episode offers a frightening peek into the shadowy corners of this unique science fiction world. From genetically engineered monstrosities to unseen terrors below the planet’s surface, there’s something for everyone. And thanks to every episode being self-contained, you can enjoy them in any order. A particularly great story is the two parter, Excuse Me.


BONUS - SCP Archives

If you've been around the internet, you've likely heard of SCP (also known as Secure, Contain, Protect). This collaborative-fiction project has amassed hundreds of entries on numerous anomalies and the dangers they pose to our world. SCP Archives is a relatively recent podcast where voice actors read through these stories with added sound effects for that audio drama experience. The show has some growing pains, but continues to improve with each episode. Check it out, especially if you enjoy the mysteries of SCP.


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