It's Time to Roooooobattle!

Down in some part of the world unseen, in some shady circle in a shady place, I found the thrill I was looking for. I knocked on the steel door, blackened with alley grime. An angry eye gave me a once over then tagged in a hard hello: semi-automatic and fully loaded. I pulled a chip out of my coat, a chip with a bee on it, and brought both hands up to wave back. He grunted once and the door groaned open. The other side was cleaner than a rat's nest and just as brightly lit. He beckoned me down a hallway and I followed him through the flickering LEDs that were already announcing the premier event. I heard the rumbling of the arena before I saw the man, the man I'd been looking for since I was a boy. He didn't look my way but I knew it was him when I heard him say,

"It's time to Rooooobattle!"

A friend just sent me a video of these super speeding sumo bots and lemme just say that they are crazy amazing. Here is the cutting edge making quick and deadly ninja slices. The future is now, and the future has got me JAZZED.