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Recommended: Audio Dramas to get Through Quarantine

With all of us hopefully practicing social distancing and the need to keep isolated, finding ways to combat the boredom is important. Services like Netflix and Disney+ definitely help, but what if you've already watched all you can and there's nothing left of interest? For those who find themselves in this situation and want some escapism, take a look at these three podcasts to have your fill. They're the perfect thing to binge, especially if you happen to be working from home.



This science fiction anthology features unique views of our possible futures. In one episode you'll follow a team tasked with tracking down terrorists on a remote planet while another will have you discover what it's like to evolve to no longer require your human body. Dust is currently in its second season which focuses on a flight suddenly flung 20 years into the future, each episode looking at what awaits the various passengers. Episodes range from thriller to comedy in this interesting peak into alternate realities.


Marvel: Wolverine & More

If you're a fan of Marvel comics, movies, or Wolverine, this collection of podcasts is for you. The first two series deal with Wolverine and his troubles with Weapon X, first tracking him in Alaska, then in the bayous of Louisiana. The third series takes a different approach by turning its gaze to the rest of the Marvel world, starting with the Fantastic Four and their fight with Galactus. Soon there will even be episodes based around everyone's favorite Starlord and Black Widow, so check these thrilling podcasts out now.


The Message & LifeAfter

Technically a two in one as they both appear on the same feed, these thrillers are totally unrelated but equally fascinating. The first of these, The Message, is about a mysterious extraterrestrial recording and what secrets it hides. However it quickly becomes apparently this is no ordinary message. The second, LifeAfter, tells the story of a man and his recently departed wife. But when she begins speaking to him through the use of a new social media platform, he must discover if this is really her or some sort of ghost in the machine.

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