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Dangerous Denizens of the Animal Kingdom: Til Death Do They Part

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! There are lots of animals we share this planet with. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. For the average person, it’s hard to keep track of the we can pet and the ones that will bite our hands off. Instead of going into nature to find out for ourselves, let’s learn from the safety of our home. These are just some of the dangerous denizens of the animal kingdom.

You know what they say: love hurts. But sometimes love even kills, which these animals are well aware of. Whether it's arachnids, mammals, or lizards they all have one thing in common...mating for life and death.

Dark Fishing Spider - Order: Araneae

While you may have heard of black widows eating their mate, the Australian version of these deadly divas are even more morbid. Instead of a female dark fishing spider eating their male counterpart the male will simply die post-coitus. That may simply seem odd until you realize the male's corpse will still be attached to the female for some time. Truly some extra baggage.

Antechinus Shrew - Order: Dasyuromporphia

Although unassuming, the antechinus shrew has a surprisingly intense mating routine. These little mammals will spend an entire night mating with multiple females before going out with a bang. The male's active night life leads to their immune systems burning out, allowing for parasites and infections to take hold. With only about a year to live, it's no wonder why they make the most of it.

Labord's Chameleon - Order: Squamata

Hormones can run wild when you're in love, but not so much they kill you. That's the case for the Labord's chameleon, a lizard which gets rather aggressive once mating seasons hits. Violence can quickly break out between both males and females before, during, and after they've successfully mated. It is even said that once everything is said and done they will fall from the trees. Sadly, just like the time it takes to hit the ground, their life is a short one.


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