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Danger The Game Announcement: Now with MORE Danger

Ever since the creation of Danger The Game, we’ve wanted to do something no other board or card game has ever done. Something so unique and different that you’d wonder why it has never been attempted it. What is this new concept you ask? We’re excited to finally announce our next advancement to the Danger formula: real life play!

From now on, each copy of Danger The Game will include a piece of real life danger to create this very reality. No longer will you simply imagine what it might be like to be in real mortal danger, it can now be experienced firsthand. Not only that, but each experience will be unique. Some copies might include broken shards of glass, another may be laced with a mysterious mutagen, or you could receive a box with a miniature black hole inside, opening all multiverse possibilities! Real life play is a true innovation for tabletop gaming.

To celebrate this announcement, we have created a special deck of 24K gold Danger cards. These cards will be randomly placed inside new copies of Danger The Game for anyone to get their hands on. If you find one of these beauties, you’ll be put in a real danger, organized by Origami Whale! The gold card you find determines what danger you will be placed in and thanks to the tracking devices contained in each, we can pinpoint who has what situation.

Now the question is, when will you get your special treatment? That’s a surprise only we know. Once your card has become active, you could be put in danger at any moment for the rest of your life. You might have your danger play out within the first hour of holding your gold card or it could occur decades from now when you’re old and can barely move. No matter what, we plan to make each experience a special one, no matter the place and time. Try your luck by ordering a new copy and see if you’ll be one of the lucky few we will randomly terrorize!

Now you might be thinking “this is obviously an April Fool’s joke; couldn’t you be more original?” We knew we might be accused of this, which is why we made sure to make this announcement before April 1st, as unbelievable as it is. “But other companies do this exact same thing!” This is also true, so we understand any announcements around this time of the year can be difficult to trust. “Drop the act, we get it.” Yeah, okay, none of this is true. You got us. But it was a fun read, right?

Although…maybe we will have a new addition to Danger The Game very soon.


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