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An Introduction...

While writing this post I went back and forth on how I’d introduce myself along with this blog. Start with a joke? Cut to the chase? Make a sacrifice to the gods? All the above? Yes, all the above sounds good. So, hello and welcome to the Origami Whale Blog! This will be one of our gateways to you, the community. Not only do we want to provide fun gaming experiences, but also various entertaining content. What exactly does that entail? More on that in a bit. First, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Phillip, lead designer of Danger The Game and one of the founding members of Origami Whale. A few of you may know me, while most have only ever seen my name on the back of the box. If you had to know one thing about me, it’s that I’m a giant dork. I love collecting games, learning about movies, and have a nasty habit of absorbing random pop culture knowledge without having experienced them normally. I’ve also never been one to stand in the spotlight. I tend to stay behind the scenes, designing and tinkering on new ideas or bits of art.

But now I want to share all of this with everyone. That’s where this blog comes in. Each blog will feature stuff I find interesting that I think you will, too. One blog might focus on how Danger The Game was fully designed and developed. Another could be on dangerous animals from around the world. Maybe one with tips, various stories, or behind the scenes on what we’re working on. There may be a blog all about movie recommendations or one where I share and discuss my various nerdy collections.

I want to make these blogs fun and enjoyable for everyone; not one specific topic, but an eclectic bunch. I’ve got a lot of ideas planned, so please follow along and join the conversation! In fact, a future blog will be about a selection of dangerous food items. One is gross, another surprisingly harmful, and the final one is downright deadly. Any guesses?


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