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DANGER THE GAME: Mythical Mayhem



Wizards and dragons abound, it’s a fantasy take-over! Elevate the role-playing experience using the D20, epilogue, coins, bestiary, and more in this epic adventure.

  • Standalone fantasy-themed game

  • Includes dice and other optional ways to play for a deeper role-playing experience!

  • A game designed to prepare you for every dangerous situation imaginable and unimaginable!

  • Use your skills, tools, and imagination to devise a foolproof plan to save the day. Compete to convince the Victim your rescue plan is best.

  • Worried someone will steal your thunder? Play a Plot Twist and trip them up!

  • 207 cards divided into Danger, Skill, Tool, Plot Twist, and Status, including blank cards to create your own scenarios.

  • Introduces new status cards 

  • Family-friendly, party game for 3+ players.


A 20-sided die is included. Whenever there is a prompt to roll you'll use this to find out what happens! Match what you rolled to the given prompts in order to reveal your fate.

A bestiary that documents the characters and critters of these worlds is also included. This also includes other optional ways to play to deepen the role-playing experience!



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