What Is This Stuff?

This is our game in multiple versions for you to

play at no cost to you! 

Why Are We Doing This?

Because board games are about coming together and we wanted to help facilitate that even during this difficult period of quarantine.

But Wait, There's More!

We also released a mini expansion free to print out or write on the blank cards that come with your copy of Danger. Enjoy! It is also included in the Tabletop Simulator mod!

Print At Home


Print a copy of Danger the Game to play at home or through video chat.

You can view and download the rules here.


Tabletop Simulator


Download Danger The Game for Tabletop Simulator for Free!




Danger The Game can be downloaded as a

mod from the Steam Workshop for Tabletop Simulator.


On the Steam Workshop page click the subscribe button for Danger The Game. The next time you open Tabletop Simulator it will automatically appear when you create a game!

This does not include Tabletop Simulator which will need to be purchased and downloaded separately to use our Danger The Game mod. These files only function as a mod to Tabletop Simulator. Origami Whale is not affiliated with Tabletop Simulator.

Download bonus table and background art for Tabletop Simulator!